First Steps

Earlier today, baby Michael decided to take his first steps.  We had all the kids down for bed, and were messing with the baby.  I guess the noise we made carried throughout the house and everyone was up and watching their little brother take his baby steps.  It was a bitter sweet moment, both excited for Michael’s achievement and at the same time, a small bit of sadness knowing that he is growing up so fast.  All his big bro’s and big sis’ cheered him on, clapping and encouraging him to keep going.   Michael would take a couple small steps and stumble but the excitement and encouragement almost pushed him off the carpet to try again.

It blessed me to see them encouraging their little brother to keep taking those steps forward.  Now, I’ll be honest, there was a moment that I felt that irritation deep inside that they were ALL up AGAIN, but it was so quickly overcome by my own excitement, the kids’ and Michaels.  It didn’t really matter, that they were up, for a little while.  They were there to watch a part of their brothers growing up.  One of those things that they will all remember being a part of.

I couldn’t help but to be reminded of our spiritual growth, some of our spiritual baby steps.  We are blessed with the ability to learn new things, practice what we learned, and grow up a little more each day.  With each of those steps, we gain wisdom and knowledge.

Proverbs is full of awesome little morsels of wisdom that will produce knowledge in our lives.  Each of those morsels, pieces of manna from God help us grow and mature.  I’m growing up more and more each day.  Making some of my first baby steps right now, today.  We are never too old to learn something, to grow up a little bit more, to take a first step.

I look back at Michael’s first steps today and as exciting as they were, i remember the kids excitement just as much.  We need to be that way.  Not looking down on someone because their crawling and scooting along and not quite walking in something yet.  We need to be encouraging, holding their hands just enough to allow them to find their own balance as they get ready to take that first step of faith; encouraging them;  rooting them on to keep trying, to take those baby steps.  See, its our job to be available for our brothers and sisters, to cheer them on in their journey, not to hold them back.

I was so proud of my kids today.  My prayer for them, is that as they grow older they continue be there for each other, to encourage each other in their journeys. My prayers for you is that you continue to encourage your brothers and sisters in the Lord, to be available to undergird them in their walk.  Not to do it for them, but to hold their arms up in their battle as Arron and Hur held Moses’, to be there for support.


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