Adventures in Appendicitis, the ER

More or less, this is the first real day that even remotely things feel closer to normal.  Now normal is strictly related to ones perspective.  People look at our lives and gasp in our endeavors of how we can do what we do, but to us, its normal.

Now our normal was turned a bit crazy last week.  Sarah started having some major pain in her side.  It elevated to a point of requiring a trip to the ER on Thursday evening.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when I visit an ER, I expect to be Triaged in a timely manner.  Now again we venture into the concept of perspective.  For my personal opinion, Triage should start their assessments when you first walk in and sign in, to ask what you are there for and start to prioritize those arriving without prior reservations to their establishment.  Now I also understand busy nights at popular community centers, but this night was different.  We walked in, approached the triage nurse and signed our name.  We were not asked our purpose but being the concerned husband, I offered we were there for extreme pain on her right side.  We were given a clip board and asked to sit down with the some 30 other people in the waiting room.

I understand being busy.  I understand waiting to be seen.  I understand that almost every bed in the ER had someone in it.   I don’t understand sitting there for over an hour before the triage nurse asked the first real question about what Sarah was suffering with.  Even after all the vitals were taken and questions asked, it was still another 20-30 mins before we were lead to the back.  I give Sarah props, she kept an awesome attitude through the pain and waiting.  It seemed to come easy to her.  I was impressed.  For me, it was a bit more of an effort to keep my sanctification.  I also give the nurses respect.  The delay was not their fault, but the fault of the organization’s leadership.  It was just bad planning.

Now the next part, as awkward as it was, was funny.  As our sweet hostess and guide lead us back to our treatment room, she found an interesting surprise, a body.  Now, as she walked ahead of us, we did not see the body at first, just witnessed her sudden retreat backwards.   Now at the moment we didn’t laugh, as the nurse called to verify the room number and argue the fact that there was a body in the supposably empty room, but did later on.  To make sure she saw what she saw, the nurse asked me to look into the room to “make sure” of what she saw.  As I push the door open a bit, I was honestly expecting to see some who had passed on, not some guest passed out curled up in the fetal position.  The nurses were a bit set back as they walked us over to the trauma side of the ER.

Granted, I have probably already made this story longer than it should be, but there is purpose to be shown.  We continued our waiting in the trauma bay, listening to the ER radio, watching people come and go and praying for as many people as we could.  It really was heart breaking sitting there listening to so many people hurting, some with family but most without.

Through our waiting, blood work, CT Scan, pain and more waiting, Sarah was confirmed to have Appendicitis and was admitted into the hospital around 0230 am to await surgery.  And I do mean WAIT.


Adventures in Appendicitis, The Surgery to be posted tomorrow.



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