Who You are is NOT What You do

Over the past few years I have heard this statement, Who you are is not what you do.  I have heard it so much that is has honestly been a bit irritating.  Not because of who said it or how much it was said but because I didn’t understand what it meant.

Now, you may look at it and grab the concept with out a single issue.  For me, not so much.  It has taken me a journey to really see it.  Ok, maybe not really see it all the time, but to seriously start to get the idea.  See, life, in most cases, has taught us that our identity is based on our accomplishments and our failures.  We have accepted this to the point to “drive” us into comparisons, jealousies, and all types of stress.

There are a lot of us that have grown up with the mentality that we HAD to perform for someone to love us, to accept us, to make us feel apart of the group.  We have altered our personalities, we have sacrificed proper healthily relationships for what, short lived acceptance, fair weather friends and success.  We have based our entire IDENTITY, who I am, in what – some one else’s opinion, in some one else’s success or even someone else’s life.

And this has gotten us where –  full of anxiety, stress and competition?  Let’s go further, its brought us a lack of self esteem and self acceptance, a fear of failing and we find ourselves dwelling on what others think in a fear of man.  We find ourselves in a world of hating who we have allowed ourselves to become cause we don’t have a base line on who we SHOULD be.  If we don’t know know who we are, really know who we are in God, we have nothing to stand against the temptations of life.

It is the simple fact of accepting that who we are isn’t about what we do but who God created us to be, His Son and Daughter.  It’s in that simple fact, we are able to find our peace, our rest.  It’s in that rest, the lack of trying so hard, the lack of driving ourselves into the ground to prove something for someone else, that we know we were created for a specific purpose in this specific time and place.

It has taken me 40 years to finally start to see it, to feel it, to accept it and walk in who God wants me to be.  Now, by no means have I arrived.  I have only started this journey, but what an awesome journey.  No matter the ups or downs, the failures or the successes, I AM a Child of the Most High God and that alone I can stand against the schemes of anything that tries to convince me otherwise.  I have my peace in the fact my name is written in the Lambs Book of Life and thats the only record, reward or “name in lights” that truly matters.


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