About Us

This blog is about our adventures through out life.

Family Photos: The Lost Quirky Files
Family Photos: The Lost Quirky Files

Just a quick introduction of myself and my wife. We are Scott and Sarah and are parents to 9 children and work for a church and non-profit ministry. I am a pastor and my wife and I have been married since 2000. We love God, reading the Word, our church body and totally enjoy being parents. The most challenging and exciting times of our lives come from our adventures in and around our family. In the midst of our busy lives with 9 kids who are busy with dance, gymnastics and soccer, we also enjoy cooking, eating good food and finding cool things to do that create awesome memories without breaking the bank.

We created this blog as an opportunity to share our experiences, good and bad, richer or poorer, and some of the fun and exciting things we have learned being parents. You will find scriptural morsels thrown in as it is the base foundation for our marriage and the relationships we have with our kids.

Hope you enjoy
Scott and Sarah


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